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Health, Safety & Environment

C B Payne (Plastics) Ltd recognises its responsibility to protect our air, water and land resources; to provide a safe working environment for employees; and to be a responsible corporate citizen. We believe that protection of the environment, the safety of our employees, and sound business management are mutually achievable objectives.

The Company is committed to the following principles:

  • To preserve health, safety and a sound environment.
  • To continue efforts to reduce, re-use or recycle, minimizing releases to the environment.
  • To operate its facility in compliance with applicable requirements.
  • To work constructively with government bodies and the public to preserve our precious environmental resources.
  • To monitor the performance of its operations to ensure proper environmental performance and safe work place.
  • To conduct educational and instructional programs to ensure its employees know, understand and comply with environmental and health / safety laws and regulations
  • To provide information to the public on its operations and their relationship to the community if requested.
  • To encourage conservation of resources and energy and promote recycling in its business.