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Agie Charmilles MIKRON HPM 450UGFAgie Charmilles HPM 450U

The Agie Charmilles MIKRON HPM 450U is a powerful 5-axis solution for universal, automated production which offers impressive machining options from simple drilling to complicated simultaneous 5-side to 5-axis machining processes.
The HPM 450U offers 5-axis fully simultaneous machining, giving the best geometric accuracy. Prismatic parts can be produced in only 2 set-ups. Ideal for the production of more intricate parts, more efficiently and with a better finish, the HPM 450U is faster, more accurate and, with the fully automated pallet loader, ideal for higher volume runs of complex parts.
Through spindle coolant ensures the best surface finish for your components and eliminates swarf issues in deep holes and pockets. The pallet system makes this machining centre ideal for volume production and multiple jobs set-up. The only downside with this machine is that the name is a bit of a mouthful – so we've named it 'Dave'!

  • Accuracy ±0.002mm
  • Continuous path surface contouring
  • Reduced set up time thanks to Blüm spindle and tool probing
  • High speed removal of material
  • Mill up to 600mm x 450mm x 450mm
  • Rotary Tilting Table (-120 to +45 degrees tilt, 360 degrees rotation)
  • Heidenhain iTNC530 control