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Rye flat bed routerRye

  • Our CNC routers/high speed mills provide the following features;
    • Continuous path cutting
    • Highly consistent features
    • Working area 1,000mm x 600mm, accuracy ±0.05mm anywhere on the table


    • Working area 1,500mm x 1000mm, accuracy ±0.1mm anywhere on the table

    In addition, our manual control routers cater for copy routing or large profiles, up to 2,000mm x 1,200 mm in size.

    • Bed size 1500mm x 1000mm.
    • Max. part size 1500mm x 1000mm x 75mm.
    • Accuracy ±0.1mm anywhere on the table.

Heidenhain control with full cycles including profiling, pockets and stud-finishing cycles.